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Tamara Lloyd

In 2013 in the midst of a life-changing experience, T.Vox Sound LLC was born. Tamara saw a need within the music industry geared specifically to the indie artist, songwriter, and producer. Tamara's passion and ability to arrange harmonious background vocals soon enabled her brand to be a sought after entity in the music industry.  The purpose for filling the need was to give the indie artist, songwriters and producers quality and excellent background vocals that are industry standard for a reasonable price. 

Tamara's original purpose has propelled her into expanding her brand and creating the T.Vox Sound Records Label. The mission is still the same, to give indies a fair shake in the music industry. As the company grows, Tamara is making plans to bring excellent, quality, thought-provoking, and authentic music to the forefront.  


"Streets of Gold

 The half has not been told

 about that beauty beyond the sun

 I can't wait

 until I see Your face

 and hear you say to me 

 well done..."

-Tamara Lloyd "Dreamin

Thought provoking, biblical, and relevant are just a few words to describe the lyrics of the hit single "Dreamin' " from the Autotuned Life "2 Timothy 3:16-17 mini EP. Stay tuned for more information about radio airplay, and where to  purchase  "Dreamin."