First allow me to thank you for choosing T.Vox Sound, LLC to assist you in your next music project. I look forward to serving you in this endeavor. You will find listed below pricing and procedures in order to make our transaction as smooth as possible.


A.Background vocals ($50 deposit per song

1 song $180

 2 songs $280

 3 songs $380

4 or more songs (at one time) $120 per song

B.Background and Arrangement

1 song $210

2 songs $310

3 songs $410

4 or more songs (at one time) $150 per song

C.Songwriting and Background Vocals (publishing and royalties will be discussed then placed in contract form. Background vocals are the same as in “B” plus $100.)

D. Hooks/Stems for Hip Hop producers/artist

1.Unison stems (adlibs) $90 per song 

2.Full hook (unison or harmony) $110 per song

3.DJ drops 3 for $60

(prices include editing, mixing, and mastering for radio)

4.DJ drops 4 for $80


I require a $50 non-refundable deposit per song to start the process. Once I have completed your song(s) an mp3 will be sent to your email address with the T.Vox Sound watermark. If the song is approved the balance must be paid in full before separated wave files are uploaded to Dropbox/WeTransfer. If there are any minor changes, do to a mistake on my part, I will make the change free of charge. However, if there is a miscommunication by the client or any added parts after the song has been approved I will charge an additional $50.


Please send an Mp3 of the song(s) with any vocal ideas, mp3 of the instrumental, lyric sheet with bpm( beat per minute), and any specific instructions whether on the idea track or typed. If this information is not sent I will not begin recording until all information is received.

Send to: tvoxsoundrecords@gmail.com


I have 3 options:

1.ZELLE (preferred method)

Zelle transfers money from bank to bank with no fees. 

My Zelle info is 678-827-9832 OR tvoxsoundrecords.com

 2. PayPal The email address connected to my PayPal account is tvoxsoundrecords@gmail.com Paypal charges 2.9% to send money because I have a business account with PayPal. I ask that the client pay the fee so that your payment is in full.

3. Cashapp $tvoxsound (business account)

The client must pay the fee on their end in order to send the correct amount.

"For business transactions, the business owner pays a 2.75% fee for each payment received.  Sending money is free unless you use a credit card. The credit card transaction fee is 3%. Nov 7, 2018" -Cashapp site


My turnaround time depends on the type of project and size of the project. Generally, I can have one song completed in less than 3-5 days. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Once I have completed the song(s) I will send files via Dropbox or WeTransfer. After you have downloaded the files please delete them from the Dropbox folder. For rush orders with a one to two-day turnaround will cost and extra $50. If you need to speak directly to me please call (770)609-7843 and leave a message. I will respond asap. 

Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to assist you in accomplishing your goal. I hope you will be pleased with my work. If you’re satisfied please recommend my services to others. I would be honored to also have you as a returning customer in the near future.

Tamara Lloyd, C.E.O T.Vox Sound, LLC