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Mistah’ B represents everyday people with a heart cry for the community. He’s presently a school bus driver, an ordinary guy with a dream to see the disenfranchised restored, and the marginalized valued. His story began in rural Alabama with a hunger for the stage. As young as twelve, Mistah' B was performing and developing his gifts in entertainment. Percussion, rhythm, and poetry were in his genes passed down from his mother and father. He found himself deeply emerged in band and music, making the high school band try outs while still in middle school. When many high schoolers were preparing for college Mistah' B found himself in a rap group that won a record deal which landed him in Atlanta, Ga. B had a dream but God had a plan. After management and the label slipped from his hands, he found himself stranded in the Atl. But God had a plan in the midst of what Mistah' B thought was broken dreams. B came to faith in Christ and found himself doing street ministry using hip hop as his platform to preach the gospel. He met his wife in this forum and they both had a love for God, each other, and music. After marriage and two lovely daughters, Mistah’ B and his wife were drawn to Seminary where they both received their BA’s in Religion and Ministry and Biblical Counseling. After many musical efforts, B found in himself a burden he had carried from childhood; a burden for injustice. Growing up in Tuskegee, Alabama which is rich in black history Mistah’ B always had a desire to see justice for all. He played near the air fields where the Tuskegee Airman trained. He spent summers on Tuskegee University campus where Booker T Washington lifted the veil of ignorance, and George Washington Carver revolutionized science and agriculture. He was trained by the same band director that helped Lionel Richie develop his musical acumen. Now it is B’s time, its B’s season to speak to the nation through his gift of music about the issues that trouble his heart. He has learned to do good, he seeks justice for the oppressed and the fatherless. He is concerned with the cause of the widows. He cries through beats and rhythm for the ill-treated. Why? Because his Father told him so. He has teamed up with T.Vox Sound Records to bring his heart cry to the nations. 

Freedom March

There is a difference between social consciousness and social anger. A famous producer once said, “Today’s civil rights movement has no soundtrack.” While our people are angry, where are our voice and our creativity? Mistah' B, Christian
Rapper and Social Voice, has written and performed a hot new tune that speaks to society and piety, to the secular and sacred. A part of a dynamic husband and wife team, his wife, K, lends her vocals to the hook. They share in marriage and in music and are a dynamic combination of arts and theology. They have taken the
conviction of the elders, combined with the creativity of today and has given us
the sound of today’s movement. Produced by label mate, C.E.O., and hot vocal producer, Tamara Lloyd of T.Vox Sound Records, Freedom March is packed with consciousness and creativity. Lyrically strong, produced with the sound of the street, Freedom March unites young and old, elders and children, the brothers and sisters; it unites us all under the cry, “Come my people come to the river,
come my people come be delivered.”




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